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NuLife Yoga becomes NaMalay Yoga Jan 2, 2020

As I approach my 75th birthday, Ruby and I have decided to shift yoga gears. Things have happened very quickly. Just before Christmas, we sold NuLife Yoga to NaMalay Yoga (formerly Live Lotus Yoga). While we are very pleased with the well being of yoga we have brought to our community over the last 11 years, it is with sadness when we realize that we will be saying good bye (at least for now) to many of our students, instructors and yoga friends that we have grown to love.

Here are a few details:

  • Schedule – More classes: There will be some tweaks with the class start and stop times, but the biggest impact will be many more classes. The new schedule will be published shortly at:
  • NuLife Yoga Members – Memberships honored: NaMalay Yoga will honor all existing NLY memberships. As they expire, they will be converted to NaMalay Yoga memberships.
  • More Yoga Services: NaMalay Yoga will offer many yoga related services including newsletters, workshops, active wear, seminars, essence, etc.
  • Doug and Ruby: While we still love teaching yoga we want to give ourselves more time to lead workshops: E.g. Living a Yoga Lifestyle, A Daily Yoga Practice, Yoga is Intelligent Co-operation.
  • More info:

We want to thank you all in helping us build our yoga community, and wish you all the best. It has been wonderful to meet you all and to help you advance on your goal of well being with yoga.

Please join us Tuesday January 7 from 7 - 9 PM at the Hashery at the corner of Dana and Park for a final NuLife Yoga get together.

Namaste…..Ruby and Doug

Choose the class for you


For new students or those looking for a slower paced hatha - vinyasa practice. Instructor gives modifications. Long warm up, followed by a mix of holding poses (hatha) and poses coordinated with breathing (vinyasa). Variations:

  • Basic + Core: Incorporates an emphasis on core muscles for building balanced, integrated overall strength. This sculpts and tones the body.
  • Gentle + Yin: Includes yin-passive long holds to target joints, connective tissues, and fascia.

Warm Vinyasa

The room is heated between 80-90 degrees. Warmth aids the body in releasing harmful toxins, speeds up the metabolism and allows space for a deeper stretch. Suggestion - bring water and hand/face towel.

Restorative Yoga Class Description: Relax & Restore

Join us in this peaceful and relaxing restorative yoga practice that will help you sleep and feel better. This gentle practice, along with guided meditation, is designed to help you calm your nervous system, relax your mind and restore your body to optimal health and well-being. Breath. Rest. Restore.


Therapeutic yoga is a gentle approach that can be used to create space in areas that are compressed, relieve tight muscles and help induce the relaxation response when restorative postures are incorporated. We utilize isometric, resistive stretching, restorative yoga techniques as well as targeted muscle activation and contraction to help the body achieve deep muscle lengthening and joint stabilization in a safe manner. Attention is paid to working around and with common injury and sensitivities such as neck, back, shoulder, hip and knee pain. Participants of all levels and abilities will find this class comfortable and beneficial. Folks who identify themselves as “not flexible,” those with longstanding but “healed” injuries or limitations in movement as well as endurance athletes such as triathletes will find this class especially beneficial.

Note Well: You must be able to get up/down on the floor on your own to attend this class.


Poses are mindfully linked together with attention to breathing and alignment in a flow oriented class. Variations:

Power Vinyasa

Students will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind.

Power Vinyasa + Core Strength

Includes core muscle targeting for building balanced, integrated overall strength.

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